A few more words about me

After getting a degree in Law and a Master’s Degree in European Law, I practiced law for 25 years. I first got into photography as a teenager but it turned into a passion after I got my first digital slr camera. The digital era opened a whole new world to me in which I dove without any hesitation and soon I was spending more and more time improving my skills. Then came the crisis, the kids grew up and I realised I didn't want to spend the rest of my life being a lawyer, which is a tough job that wears your soul out. I needed to do something for my self. Something that would soothe my soul. So aftera  few years I made the decision to turn my passion into a profession, encouraged by people who are close to me. My long experience in a profession in which I had to deal with people, taught me to listen. And when you listen to one’s wishes and needs, you understand. And then you can come up to their expectations. I'm attracted to beauty and beauty is created either by nature (people, fauna, flora etc.) or man (design, architecture). Beauty is everywhere and it's not always in what we see but in the way we see it. This is why every time I am photographing I feel intrigued. Because I see it as a quest for beauty.
The more I like to talk about photography, the less I want to talk about my photos. Besides, I express myself through them and so I let them speak for themselves.